Wednesday, March 25, 2015

creative blurring



I started with a picture of the tardis that was traveling trough  a galaxy. Then i blurred the background to make it look like its traveling in time.

self portrait montage with different filters

i took a variety of self portraits in Photo Booth then added them all into one collage. After i used and experimented with different filters for each one.

triple portrait( evolution)

I started off with taking three separate pictures of Thomas Sangster. I made sure the pictures i took were him at a different age. Then i placed his pictures in order from youngest to present day and added a star background because he sparkles!

candy landscape

I took a picture of pink cotton candy clouds and used that for the background. Then i used the magnetic lasso tool to place different candy on the picture. I took another picture of cotton candy and made fluffy mountains with it and placed candy on it.

Friday, March 13, 2015

30 day photo challenge!!!

    Day 1: Favorite food

    Day 2: Smile

   Day 3: Happiness

  Day 4: Leaves

  Day 5: Morning Sky

                                                                    Day 6: Books
 Day 8: Favorite color ( blue)
Day 9: Inspiring person
 Day 10: Nature
 Day 11: Something old
 Day 12: Hair
 Day 13: Written words
 Day 14: Movement
 Day 15: Leading lines

Day 16: Symmetry and patterns
 Day 17: Framing
Day 18: Depth of field

Day 19: Best friend
Day 20: Rule of thirds
 Day 21: Where you sleep
 Day 22: In your closet

 Day 23: Gratitude
 Day 24: Something new
 Day 25: Animals
 Day 26: Worms eye view of trees
 Day 27: Artwork
 Day 28: Daily Routine
 Day 29: Nighttime
Day 30: Light


Monday, March 2, 2015


For this assignment, I stated with a swan picture. Then i used the magnetic lasso tool and placed the same image onto a second file. Then i resized the swan and placed them differently on the file to create patterns. Finally, i added a blue background.